Cisco AnyConnect, BSOD on Windows 10

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The issue Today, I had 2-3 random BSOD on my computer ! Memory check : ok Hardisk check : ok Windows update : ok The (Mini) Dump You can find them in the folder %SystemRoot%\Minidump more information 21/04/2017 14:26 922 844 042117-6109-01.dmp 28/04/2017 17:43 922 836 042817-3296-01.dmp 28/04/2017 10:32 922 868 042817-9765-01.dmp 3 file(s) 2 768 548 bytes Yeah I have 3 of them ! Windows Driver Kit (WDK) for Windows 10 I have just installed the wdsksetup.

Windows 10, freeze on cold boot

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Description of the issue After a fresh Windows 10 reinstall at each cold boot I had a freeze during the startup :( Solution Found with Google :-O Your system may not like fast startup, which hangs waiting for the cached image to boot … In Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options -> Choose what the power buttons do, then under the Shutdown settings section, Untick the “Turn on fast startup (recommended)”.

Corsair CUE Issue, background and images not loading

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Description of the issue With my new Corsair mouse, I had a bug with the CUE Driver Software, the background and images were not loading. A thread about the issue existed in they forum, finally I have solved it and here is a backup of the discussion with Corsair. Source : CUE Issue: Background and Images Not Loading Thread 03-06-2017, 08:34 PM | CUE Issue: Background and Images Not Loading | Corsair James (CUE Product Manager)

WinDbg, howto find the cause of an IIS crash in production

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We had a dump file of the crash \o/ and I had a Microsoft training on this subject 3 month ago with the impressive Christophe Nasarre. Opening the dump Launch WinDbg x64 because we have a dump of a 64 bits process CTRL+D or FILE / OPEN CRASH DUMP Setting the symbols server .sympath SRV\*c:\symbols\* .reload Check the modification .sympath Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols* Expanded Symbol search path is: srv*c:\symbols*http://msdl.